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One way to show employees you care is to invest in their professional development. Make sure you understand their career goals and then send them to classes, make online classes available to them, start a company library with books or audio/visual resources that they can borrow. Also make sure you forward employees key articles or other information that you receive that will further their development. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot in return. Employees will appreciate the effort and this will go far in making them more loyal to you and your company.


Several years ago, we moved into a new building. We were trying to decide how to decorate the blank walls. An employee had an idea to use photographs from company staff to give our office a personal feel. We established an internal contest where employees could submit "gallery type" photographs with the content to be landscape, travel, urban, etc. We received over 150 entries for 25 spots! We enlarged them and had them framed, with the top three vote "getters" being super-enlarged and having prominence in location. The entire company was very proud of the space, and we intend on renewing the art using this method annually. We continue to get positive comments from our clients with some wanting to try the idea in their office.


If you have to deliver bad news to your employees, such as layoffs or benefit reductions, remember to cover three areas in your speech or memo, as follows.

  1. Deliver the bad news up front. Don’t make it the last thing you talk about.
  2. Offer hope for the future. Talk about how you’ve taken the action to secure jobs and security going forward.
  3. Finish with a call to action. Remind your employees that it takes commitment by everyone to succeed going forward.

It does not matter if we are talking about sports, music, sales, military, or business teams. The ingredients that produce great teams are identical. All world class teams have these five elements in common.

So, you are thinking of acquiring a partner in your business. Maybe you want a partner to spread the workload or liability. You could have differing areas of expertise and want to become a “one-stop shop.” Or maybe you’re looking for someone to take over when you retire.
Either way, think before you get “engaged” and sign those final papers! As Lamar Curtis of IAG put it, “a partnership is like a marriage without the good parts.” Before moving forward, consider these suggestions.

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Ramon Canova

Marque Foods, Inc.

I initially joined TAB to learn how to better deal with ‘me.’ I perceived myself as a primary obstacle to growth. With TAB, I got plenty of ideas on how to view myself and the business differently and this has definitely improved my business. I learned that my business plan is a living document and track it periodically using the monthly progress report. In short, TAB has helped me design business processes that are more systematic, efficient and get results.

Carla Kell-Smith

C Kell-Smith & Associates

Being in business for the last 25 years and then joining my TAB board, I’ve seen such an improvement in my management style and effectiveness. TAB is a great resource for me, the information and the experience with small businesses as well as the insights shared.

Martin Simenc

Home Safety Services

For us, it’s all about generating clients. And how we’ve gone about generating those clients with the help of TAB has really been key to our ongoing success. I knew that I needed a sounding board, needed some outside expertise. And that’s exactly what TAB brings to the table. And it also holds my feet to the fire and keeps me accountable.Kalar is a patient and inquisitive listener who seeks a thorough understanding of the root origins and causes of issues before collaborating on potential solutions. He also helps me to consider "out of the box" type solutions and opportunities that invariably expand my thinking. With his help and guidance, we have resolved numerous tactical and strategic issues and positioned our company for significant growth.

Alex Vaysberg

All Industrial Supply, Inc.

TAB helps you recognize that pretty much everybody has the same type of issues with their business. It clears your head and it re-energizes you. When I leave a tab board meeting I’m re-energized to conquer not only that day, but the next year. TAB helps us focus on ourselves and the other TAB members…the answer is sometimes written on your forehead and you just need a mirror to be able to read that answer.

Adam Messner

Live Wire Supply

Being a CEO can be lonely at times. You’re looking for places to get ideas, other people to speak with to solve problems; this is the perfect place to do that...there is a good exchange of ideas and experience for growing your business and solving problems.